Hope SA

Mission Statement

HOPE SA aims to live up to its name .We want to give HOPE to all Africans and will strive to provide at least the basic human needs for mankind. After all, we all live with HOPE every day of our lives.

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Our Vision

The Hope SA is a non- profit organisation that provides aid to underdeveloped communities in South Africa and the African Continent.

Our aim is to obtain grants and funds , and create projects that will assist our country and continent gain a greater shared knowledge about the nations pasts , strengthen regional identities , increase local participation in preserving and sustaining the use of the earth’s biological cultural natural heritage assets and resources , and support the economic vitality of our communities. All our projects are needs driven.

Other areas of focus include assistance to other organizations that share the same missions of community service. Services in areas such as basic education and gender equality, culture , environmental development , science and social services , HIV AIDs and other related sickness, human rights for disadvantaged women and girls , primary health care and research, unemployment, skills development, product design and development, fellowship grants , social changes ,lack of education and the provision of basic living needs to all Africans living in poverty.

Current Project

Women's Day 2020 - Safer Woman Drive #saferwoman

If you, or someone you know is in need, please fill out our food distribution form



Please make an EFT to the following bank account for SA and International Donations

Account Holder: Hope SA
Bank: FNB
Account Nr: 62849495660
Branch Code: 250655
Bank Address:
332 Rivonia Boulevard
Mutual Village

Other donation options coming soon